24 month SUBSCRIPTION - TARKAN Executive + 40 country UNLIMITED + 90 countries 5 GB

Item number: TARKAN-E-ABO

The 24 Month Subscription of the TARKAN EXECUTIVE Version does enable for a 24x30 day timeframe Internet access in more then 130 countries. Hereby the Datevolume in all PRIME countries is completely unlimited with regards data volume and speed. 4G gets supported (if available), All other countries do share 5 GB within the same timeframe.

Monthly Payment gets processed via our payment processor either from your Credit Card or via Direct Debit from your bank account, in case you are a customer within the European Union.

Category: POSTPAID Subscriptions

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145,18 €
145,18 € per 1 month

including 19% VAT. , plus shipping (ABO Service)

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Here you can book your POSTPAID 24 month subscription for your TARKAN EXECUTIVE. We will book the displayed amount monthly from your credit card or conveniently by direct debit from your account. The later works, when you have a bank account within the European Union.

As a subscription customer you have a significant price advantage. Many of our subscription customers are replacing their Internet connection at home with TARKAN and are also reducing their mobile internet contract to telephone and SMS only. So you can save a lot of money here.

As a subscriber you receive 4G Internet Service in the following countries:

  • TARKAN PROFESSIONAL - 20 PRIME countries UNLIMITED - 50 countries in total, sharing 2.5 GB
  • TARKAN EXECUTIVE - 40 PRIME countries UNLIMITED - 130 countries in total, sharing 5 GB
  • TARKAN PREMIUM - 60 PRIME countries UNLIMITED - 170 countries in total sharing 10 GB

As a subscription customer, you no longer have to worry about passes, or fear that in the middle of a presentation, you suddenly end up without an internet connection.

In addition, PREMIUM subscribers receive our best service and can contact us around the clock via Whatsap or Telegram, because we know how important Internet is for them.

TARKAN UNLIMITED is a unique product. There has never been a global hotspot that supports so many GSM providers in so many countries. And which also allows unlimited data volumes in more than 60 countries without speed limit.

Contents: 1,00 month

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