Located in DaeJeon, the Research and...
Located in DaeJeon, the Research and Development capital of South Korea, KNS Inc. is a worldwide designer, manufacturer, and integrator in the marine communications industry. KNS has been serving customers worldwide providing high quality service, VSAT antennas, equipment and parts for the marine communications industry. KNS Inc. is specialized in Marine Stabilized Antenna Systems for Satellite Communications, Satellite Television-at-Sea (TVRO), Broadband at Sea, Voice and Data Services. KNS products are in use and constantly challenged in roughest seas all over world. They have a reputation of being the most highly advance stabilized antenna in the market. KNS takes pride in all of their products and continues to advance ahead in marine communication industry. With their exclusive technology, KNS VSAT antennas have become a worldwide leader. Through their growing powerful global network KNS SuperTrack S/Z/A Series are available worldwide. They have skilled engineers, state-of-the-art equipment and the customer focus to guarantee your satisfaction with high quality products built to your exact specifications.

SuperTrack Z7MK2 Ku-Band

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SuperTrack A6 Ku Band

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